Our Philosophy

Changing behaviour is a responsibility to be taken seriously. At Cued Canines we are committed to using modern, science-based training techniques in order to address your dog’s behaviour challenges. We are passionate about creating a positive learning experience for both our clients and their companions, achieving real results using only humane training methods that don’t cause fear or pain.

Photo of Sarah Kaechele

Sarah Kaechele

M.Sc., KPA-CTP, SA Pro

Founder of Cued Canines Dog Training & Behaviour, based in Alliston, ON, Canada.

Sarah started her formal education in the animal science field in 2009 and holds a Masters Degree in Animal Sciences from the University of Hohenheim and focuses her work on Behaviour Sciences. As a skilled clicker trainer and behaviour consultant she uses evidence-based positive reinforcement training methods.

Sarah strongly believes that the human-animal bond should be a partnership based on empathy and respect. She is here to help you better understand your dog’s needs and form the best possible relationship with your canine companion.

Need a relationship boost?


Certified Dog Trainer & Separation Anxiety Specialist

Sarah graduated the Dog Trainer Professional Program at the Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Training and Behavior, one of the leading institutions in the field of animal training.

Sarah is also an approved SA Pro trainer and specialized to help dogs with separation anxiety.


There is no knowing too much

Sarah is continually furthering her education. By attending conferences, workshops, seminars and virtual learning opportunities she stays up to date on the latest scientific findings in canine behaviour and the most effective humane training techniques.


The science is clear

Outdated methods and harsh training equipment are not necessary to improve behaviour issues and achieve your training goals.

In our training we do not utilize prong, choke or remote training collars. Instead, our training approach is based on trust and understanding your dog's needs. As a Certified Dog Trainer Sarah has the skills and expertise to guide your dog into making appropriate choices without compromising your dog’s welfare.

The pursuit of excellence in training should be focused on improving the lives of the animals we care about, and the pursuit must start with improving our own knowledge and skills. The quest for improvement is never-ending. It is a journey that we share with the people and pets in our life.

Ken Ramirez, The Eye of the Trainer